Our Development Services

We specialize in custom software development and have extensive experience developing a wide variety of applications for a multitude of platforms from software running in handheld devices to desktop applications and client-server or Web applications.

Whatever your software development needs, we can help — whether you need an application written from the ground up, a custom modification to an existing application, or even just a simple front-end to an existing database.


Web/Desktop applications: Great features!

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The progress, organization and planning for each project milestone can be viewed online in our project management tool that includes: issue tracking, project Wiki, Forum and document management system. Live source code review with full repository commit history from day one is available for download over https from our Git source code management system. This allows the client to see the resources allocated to the project and the day by day development progress.


It is always easier to know if you like something when you see it. We develop numerous working, production-quality prototypes for our clients, so they can see the software as it progresses, and give feedback on each feature in development. This helps to ensure that our clients get the software they really need without having to know all the details up front.


We work hard to eliminate bugs from our software with an aggressive testing regime — we write automated tests to verify that the operation of the software is correct, from day 1. As features are developed, the automated tests are extended to cover the new functionality.


One of the techniques we use for collaborating with customers and obtaining feedback on work in progress is to demonstrate the software over the internet. An online demonstration saves time and gives the opportunity to rise any changes earlier.

Customer Feedback
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We adopt the SCRUM methodology for the Software Development Lifecycle and we apply the best practices of SCRUM on all software development teams within SDIBO.


By following SCRUM, our development process has become transparent and reliable to our clients. This predictable process allows us to deliver the software and features our client requested the first time and within the estimated timeframe.


Fast Adaptability

Scrum is an agile process framework that has proven to work in project/product development environments that experience rapid change and/or emergent requirements, so the process is easily adapted to changing requirements.


With Scrum, you can receive and incorporate customer feedback at the end of every sprint, which means your results get shaped by real-world use. This makes it much easier to keep customers and key stakeholders closely involved and engaged.

A Happier, More Productive Team

With Scrum, our developers get to build things quickly that people then get to use, which is exactly what gets engineers excited.

Technologies and Tools applied

We develop custom software for you in a variety of languages — C, C++, C#, ASP MVC, Java, JS, HTML to mention a few.